Below is a list of our published analysis, including some published as Newgrange Consulting and Enpec. Not all Boardroom Energy’s work is publicly available. Please contact us with any enquiries

Concessional Finance ReportIf electricity networks get cheap finance from governments, consumers should share the benefits.  2023/04/27Download
Review of incentives schemes for networksAn assessment of the Australian Energy Regulator’s (AER) Draft Decision on its Review of Incentives.2023/04/27Download
Risks to gas consumers of declining gas demandDecarbonisation will drive lower gas demand and risks leaving some customers paying the bill.2023/04/27, Download
A practical approach to easing electricity prices in NSWMore generation capacity will bring prices down, not coal price caps.2023/04/27Download
Texan Energy CrisisLessons for Australian electricity markets from the winter 2021 energy crisis in Texas2023/04/27, Download
International Review of electricity retail marketsA comparison of electricity retail markets in Australia, UK and New Zealand2023/04/27, , Download
The Investment Challenge (to 2030)A 2018 assessment of the required investment in Australia’s electricity generation sector to 20302023/04/27Download
Review of Profitability Measures for Regulated NetworksAn analysis of ways to measure the profits of regulated energy networks2018/04/27, , Download