The Blackout season cometh

The arrival of summer in Australia is heralded by some time honoured traditions; putting up the Christmas tree, the sound of test cricket on the radio and the now traditional pre-Christmas alarm about the risk of summer blackouts. Blackouts – the sudden and unexpected loss of electricity supply, remain an annoying, and sometimes expensive, reality

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The future of aluminium in Australia

The future of Australia’s ailing aluminium industry is being decided right now: not by the Morrison or Andrews Governments, but by global business climate risk management strategies, consumer mega trends, the fall out from China’s economic growth and even the threTheat of carbon trade wars. How this plays out will directly impact hundreds of smelter

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Hydrogen: a cage fight with the laws of physics

When energy ministers meet later this month one of the few things they’re likely to agree upon is hydrogen. More specifically, a ringing endorsement to the imminent release of a national hydrogen strategy in Australia. Japan and International Energy Agency have already released hydrogen strategy papers this year. Global interest in developing a hydrogen economy

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